Terms & Conditions.

1. The Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India, excluding its conflict of law provisions.

2. The client shall supply accurate contact information such as Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and the device's IMEI Number.

3. The Service Provider is dedicated to protecting the client's personal data from any unauthorized access and shall not use the information for any purpose beyond the service transaction. However, it's the client's responsibility to create a data back-up as the service provider shall not be held responsible for loss of data.

4. The client should provide a brief description as well as other pertinent remarks regarding the problem of the device. A final, non-negotiable quotation shall then be provided to the client as basis of payment.

5. All services will include free pick-up and delivery.

6. All devices received by Gadget World Care will be sent directly to diagnostic department. After diagnostic if there will be any other damage, other than mentioned, the customer is responsible.

7. The service provider's after-service warranty does not cover the following condition:

7.1 Body or frame damage caused by mishandling.

7.2 Water Damage.

7.3 Damage from subsequent vertical falls, whether intentional or otherwise.

7.4 Internal hardware tampering. 7.5 Damage resulting from repairs other than Gadget World Care.

7.6 Software issue unrelated to the repair.

7.7 New Damages unrelated to the original repair.

7.8 Any losses of data occurring as a result of the repair.

8. 30 days warranty only provided for Touch and LCD components other than this the normal warranty provide for all component is 30 days.

9. 1 month warranty provided for screen replacements only.

10. Company shall not be responsible for the device not being collected within 15 days of the repair.

11. Device shall be in transit insurance, having valuation of 20% of the current MSP.

11. In case of refurbishment of screen there is a chance of screen failure, in that case high quality screen with a warranty of 1 months will be provided from GadgetWorldCare service centre. For the cases of 100% OG products, pricing may vary.

12. Services available subject to availability of spare parts.


Note: Prices of services are subject to change depending on spare parts cost

For any other support regarding your device, kindly contact us at +91-7652870545 / gadgetworldcare@gmail.com

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